NFTY Finance

Benefits of NFTY Finance

Section covering the benefits of NFTY Finance.

What are the benefits of using NFTY Finance as a borrower?

As a borrower, you can receive instant cash for your digital asset without the need of selling it. This could be useful in many different instances with some of them being you might not want to sell your digital asset or digital identity but need instant liquidity for IRL purposes or even gaining additional capital to use instantly within asset markets.
Whatever the reason, NFTY Finance aims to make it as easy as possible to gain instant liquidity for your digital assets without the need of selling them.

What are the benefits of using NFTY Finance as a lender?

As a lender, NFTY Finance takes a new approach on NFT lending by allowing lenders to create independent liquidity shops. As a lender, this creates new ways of entering into the hot NFT markets and gives the opportunity to gain yield by having people borrow capital from you using their NFTs as collateral.
Liquidity shops are the new and improved way of lending created by NFYT Finance. These shops are similar to liquidity pools and can be seen as digital pawn shops for digital assets. Lenders can create their very own liquidity shop to start earning interest off of successfully paid NFT loans, or in the case of a default the liquidity shop owner would gain the NFT being loaned against.

What are the benefits of being apart of NFTY Finance?

Whether you're an NFT collection that wants to partake in NFTY Finance to allow holders to borrow against your digital assets to potentially support your floor price, or you're a DAO that has a large community of holders of your digital assets that you want to be able to interact with, NFTY Finance was created as a tool to help all users within the NFT markets.
From being completely user friendly to fully decentralized, NFTY Finance is creating new and innovative use-cases for the digital asset markets.
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